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Makes it possible to check the actual date of delivery of the customer's products to the final destination. This can be done because all lines are directly handled internally, with total control over service production processes. [Details]

Forwarding is monitored by our staff in all countries in these areas. The goods being imported can be held in our warehouses as foreign goods or transferred to other customs or can be converted into domestic goods. [Details]

Our LCL are currently in place with Taiwan, Shanghai, Ningbo, HK, Shenzhen, Singapore (linked to 72 destinations in Asia and Oceania), Navasheva and Chennai. The goods being imported can be held in our warehouses as foreign goods or transferred to other customs or converted into domestic goods. Scheduling is programmed two months in advance and the LCL services are handled solely with shipping companies with guaranteed transit times. [Details]

Our new information technology platform is being made ready which will enable us to provide our customers with real time information by e-mail or sms text messages. [Details]

Not everyone is able to guarantee constant temperatures are maintained during all stages in the transportation process, and that all of this is fully certified. Stante di Pomezia has been specialised in the forwarding of products in this sector for many years. [Details]

The movement of chemicals all over the world, including the handling of classes ADR 1 and 7 materials. Our fully equipped warehouses are designed to store chemicals, including dangerous materials. We have a dangerous goods manager at each premises, as required by regulations, and these take refresher courses annually to maintain certification. In addition to these manages, all operational staff take courses organised by the company on the treatment of dangerous goods. [Details]

Preferred Carrier for numerous leading automotive companies in Italy, the Stante group has gained much experience and special skills over the years in the provision of logistic services for vehicle component manufactures. [Dettagli]

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KPI (Key performance indicator) production and summary statistics for clients who need performance data are provided through the ARAKNE system, instrumental panel data for the various stages in the freight forwarding process.

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