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Preferred Carrier for numerous leading automotive companies in Italy, the Stante group has gained much experience and special skills over the years in the provision of logistic services for vehicle component manufactures.
The desire to help increase our customers' competitiveness has led Stante to create a team of analysts committed to constant improvements for the standards demanded by the market.
The company's ability to anticipate and satisfy specific market needs and to deal with manufacturers has seen the development of real partnership between the Stante groups and these companies.
These relationships, coupled with detailed knowledge of the evolution of needs in the sector, have contributed to the implementation of standardised services supported by a working group dedicated to offering the following:
  • Observance of Loading-Unloading windows
  • Pre-Alert management
  • Transparent communication
  • The management and most efficient use of empty containers
  • The management of haulage costs per component optimisation
  • Specific containers' planning
  • 24-7 traceability
  • Dedicated and operational Key Account
  • Document management
  • KPI
  • Inbound Logistic
  • Consignment Stock management
  • Advanced warehousing management for domestic and foreign goods
  • Urgent services management for road transport and air charters
  • EDI connections
  • Communications network platform management

KPI (Key performance indicator) production and summary statistics for clients who need performance data are provided through the ARAKNE system, instrumental panel data for the various stages in the freight forwarding process.

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