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In collaboration with the major airlines and our network around the world, we are able to offer our clients air transport services and freight consolidation services at our warehouses. Collections and deliveries are guaranteed all over Italy and movements at airports are assured with our daily shuttle services linking up with the main Italian airports. We have two dangerous cargo managers at each office and, in compliance with regulations, these take refresher courses every year to ensure certification renewal.
We currently guarantee regular services to and from the far east, south east Asia, the Indian sub continent, the middle east, the United States, Latin America and the former Soviet Union.
The Stante group is an IATA agent, registration number 38.4.7378.
All procedures have ISO 9001:2008 certification.

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KPI (Key performance indicator) production and summary statistics for clients who need performance data are provided through the ARAKNE system, instrumental panel data for the various stages in the freight forwarding process.

Improved consolidation services from Shanghai, Beijing and Hong Kong

We consolidate twice a week to Mumbai and Delhi.

We consolidate twice a week to Sao Paolo.

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