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The desire to help increase our customers' competitiveness has led Stante to put lean and efficient warehousing logistical systems into effect.
Our commitment, based on our special skills and the will to establish a relationship of mutual trust with our customers, is to offer the market the opportunity for added value through concentration on its core business, leaving the rationalisation and management of the logistics chain in a safe pair of hands.
The company has a thick network of agents all over Italy in densely connected areas, with Stante offices characterised by high technology and constantly monitored modern structures run by teams trained to deal with the goods as company assets and ensure their integrated movement, offering the following services:
  • Packing
  • Palletization
  • Labelling
  • Picking
  • Stock and re-order management
  • Goods rotation and statistical analysis
  • Quality control
  • Preparation of orders
  • Preparation of forms
  • Warehousing and Storage
  • Communications & Extranet management
  • Customised modular IT systems

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