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The Stante group was established by Roberto Stante in 1973 and its aim today is to be one of the most active players in the international forwarding and logistics market. The individual companies that make up the group are run by second generation members of the original family and by company member managers. Currently almost 200 professional personnel are employed with the company turning over about 100 million euro in 2018.

The mission and values that the company have developed have been the driving force for its steady growth.

It has been our firm belief over the whole of the last thirty years that the personnel, the experience, the intuition, ideas and the skills of each of us are vital impulses to the value system upon which our group's work its based. The system of values is characterised particularly by transparency, which has become both an objective and instrument at the same time.

The value system translates into three concreter commitments on our part:
  • innovativeness and constant improvements to the services offered
  • quality also in terms of continuous monitoring of internal and external systems
  • listening, i.e. with the aim of building and developing relationships with our customers.

From every commitment emerges a model for action and for the services, with the whole of Stante’s managerial philosophy rooted in these concrete commitments.

The methods and solutions the management of the Stante group offers to domestic and international markets for its freight forwarding and logistics services are real company strengths.

There are 150 people studying and planning for every detail of the client's and needs. The team provides a powerful blend of experience and planning skills which are applied to new situations as they arise to ensure the best possible solutions for the path of the goods they are called upon to handle.

Continuous screening and certification of the vehicles and carriers used is systematically carried out, together with controls on the companies' history and current state of health.

At the heart of the group’s technological innovation, and a strategic instrument given the highest priority. The dynamic IT department is set up with latest generation mathematical models for the best use of ADT (Abstraction Data Type), bar-coding, tracking on web and E.D.I. connections.

A complex network of agents and contacts throughout Europe and around the world to provide complex and complete services for the clientele.

Attentive administration on the part of the group ensures its financial robustness and business strength, all of which means customers can be fully confident in the handling of their goods and the quality of services they receive.

The Stante group has always been at the forefront in its efforts to safeguard the needs of the environment and in looking after the safety aspects of the company, also viewed as they are as factors for the competitiveness of the company itself.

For the environment:
  • the vehicles used are all less than five years old and fully compliant with EU law on gas emissions
  • all waste is separately disposed of, both as regards urban waste and industrial process materials
  • checks are continuously carried out on packaging certification for the transportation of chemicals.

Further controls are performed where the transported goods are classified as dangerous, with absolute priority being given to the following:
  • compliance of transportation vehicles with the specifications set forth in the international standards and regulations
  • the presence of all safety and first aid equipment
  • the presence of all health and safety procedures instructions
  • the compatibility of dangerous products loaded on the vehicle with other products
  • drivers' permits for the carriage of dangerous goods
  • the correct stowage of all goods
  • full and correct documentation issue

As required by the law and regulations currently in force, there is operating within the company specialised personnel that, in addition to obtaining safety procedures certification, is kept constantly up to date in this area by attending regular courses. Significant resources are dedicated within the company to making the working environment ever safer and more comfortable.

Up to this date:
  • all requirements of Law 626/94 have been complied with and checks and inspections are in this regard regularly carried out in this regard, while all necessary upgrades and adjustments are made as the law and regulations evolve
  • on the subject of fire prevention, all premises have received the required authorisations from the competent authorities in question
  • an employee who has successfully attended the recognised courses is appointed from each work group with regard to first aid at the work place